Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about our company and just useful information.

The Clean planet company is ready to remove used oil products in unlimited quantities. The minimum batch is 200 liters ( depending on the distance of the point).
Yes, it is possible , depending on the volume.
One- time export is possible by specialized machines with a capacity from 1 to 33 cubic meters. It is possible to remove used oils in barrels and plastic containers..
The main activity of our company is the collection and transportation of spent petroleum products to the places of their processing and disposal.

Yes, we have a license to transport waste.
* Waste management activities may include the following activities related to the extraction of useful properties from production and consumption waste:
waste treatment – preliminary preparation of waste, including sorting, disassembly, cleaning, for further disposal (use);
waste recycling – use of waste for the production of goods ( products), works , services, including reuse;
waste recovery – re- use for the intended purpose , return after appropriate preparation to the production cycle;
recovery of waste – extraction of valuable components for re-use.
We work throughout the Russian Federation.